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Shield Pro
Hair Repair Serum

Smoother | Softer | Lasting

Heat Protection

Prevent heat  damages  or breakage from hair styling tools.

UV Protection

Reduce color-fading from UV  damage 

Color Protection

Coats your hair strands surface to prevent dye molecules from escaping

Frizzy icon

Anti Frizzy

Penetrates deep into the hair shaft where it moisturizes and  nourishes your hair

Smell Sense

Anti Odours

Prevent odours that were trapped in and around the hair caused by the environment & scalp.

Anti Humidity 

Balanced hair  moisture and fight humidity all day long

Repair Cuticle

Repair Dry, Damaged and Frayed Hair strands

Non Greasy

Keeps hair Shines,  Silky & Smooth. Non-Oily or greasy


Long-Lasting Scent hovers up to 8 hours

Travel  Kit

Convenient for a refill and carried to anywhere.