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Condition of Sales  

Return Policies


At MERRYLIFE®, we are committed to bringing quality essentials to everyone, every day, and providing the highest quality products and services is a vital part of this commitment.


Return for orders of products

If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your order of MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD products and/or services, you will receive a full refund* on your purchase price when you:

  • Contact our support team about the return.

  • Return the unopened products to us # within seven (7) calendar days from the date of your purchase.

    • By Registered Post​ or

    • By walk-in.

* As MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD products are perishable goods, MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD WILL NOT make any refund on the following:

  1. FOC items,

  2. PROMO CODE purchases

  3. DISCOUNTED price items

  4. On Sale items

  5. A product whose label / inner seal/hygiene seal / air-tight cap has been broken or the product or packaging has been damaged in any way.

  6. Products that are bought out of Singapore.

  7. Products that are bought from other sources besides MerryLife Corporate office and 

Mandatory Deductions

  • A delivery out fee of the returned order will be levied on your refund. (even if the product’s inner seal/hygiene seal / air-tight cap has not been broken).

  • A 4% processing fee will also be levied against your refund for all online payments. (Except PayNow Transactions)

  • Your return amount will be credited as store credit into your account no later than 14 business days from the date of return, and MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD will notify the refund applicant.

  • Days, weeks, and months mean business days, weeks, and months, inclusive of Saturday, Sundays, and Public Holidays.

# Return Hours are from 12 PM to 6 PM (Monday – Friday).


Product Exchange Policy

Consumable products are in line with the standard guidelines of safety and quality set by the Authority of Singapore SFA & HSA. We maintain the highest product quality standards and customers’ protection, product exchanges WILL NOT be accepted under the following conditions:


  • Damaged packaging                 – opened the packaging, not fully sealed, torn, tampered, surface peeling, stains.

  • Defaced packaging                    – Stickers, markings/handwriting, damaged bar code/lot number.

  • Loose products                           – not in original sealed packaging at the point of delivery.

  • Promotional Items                      – Indicated “FOC” items.

  • Administrative Items                  – All administrative items indicated on MERRYLIFE® (SINGAPORE)’s price list.

  • Export Items                                – Items shipped out of Singapore land for gifts & personal usage.

  • Products with less than 6 months to expiry at the time of return.

  • MERRYLIFE® products that are not bought from MERRYLIFE® corporate office,, and official market place listed in


The exchange must be done within three (3) business days from the date you receive the item.


Right of Disposal

MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD reserves the right to dispose or deal with your products in any way and at its sole discretion should your products remain uncollected for more than one (1) calendar month from the date of your purchase, in which case you WILL NOT be entitled to any refund or part thereof on the purchase price, nor will MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD entertain any request for the re-issuance of products.


Dispute Resolution

You expressly agree that any dispute you may have in relation to or arising from these Condition of Sales and/or from your purchase/use of MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD products and/or services shall first be brought up to MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD’s management for resolution, and thereafter to the Singapore Mediation Centre (“SMC”) for mediation. In this regard, you expressly consent to MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD applying for a stay of proceedings with costs on an indemnity basis against you should initiate judicial proceedings without first attempting a resolution with MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD and thereafter mediation at the SMC.


These enable us to provide you with products that meet the highest level of safety, quality, and compliance.

Choose MERRYLIFE® (SINGAPORE) today with 100% confidence, because you can enjoy a satisfying Health & Beauty experience. And is our top priority!

MerryLife (S) Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel any order which is due to poor product quality,  sold out inventory, website store error. With an email notice to the customer or buyer. A full amount of the paid transaction will be refunded by default if there is no response from the customer or buyer.

By successful paid transactions of order, and you agree to purchase the products from MerryLife (Singapore) PTE LTD subject to the Condition of Sales as printed above. You hereby confirm that you have read and understood these above terms contained above in this Condition of Sales.

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