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Made from premium red date with strict processing carried out to ensure desirable quality is achieved. Suitable to be use in food and beverage.

✅ 100% Pure Red date powder
✅ Natural Red date colour (no colouring)
✅ Natural Red date taste and aroma (no flavouring or additives)
✅ No preservatives


Product description (Pure Red Dates Powder |200g)
Our red dates powder is made from premium red dates. This powder can be applied for instant breakfast food, baking cakes, snack food, health food, ice-cream, beverages and others F&B production.


Product’s Profile 🚩

Ingredients: Premium Red Dates
Form: Powder
Colour: Brownish Orange
Flavour: Red Dates
Aroma: Red Dates

Solubility: Soluble in water
Suitable for: All ages and vegetarian


▪ Beverage: Simply mix it with your favourite smoothies, juice or even milk drink
▪ Food/Bakery: can be used as a natural food flavour in your bakery recipe
▪ Breakfast Cereal: Stirred into oatmeal, wheat porridge or brown rice cereal to enjoy the goodness of Red Dates as well as taste


Storage Condition:

Keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Once open advised to finish in 3 months.


Shelf Life:

15 – 18 months under recommended storage conditions.

Red Dates Powder | 200g |

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