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Legenze Reverse ARRIVED!!

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Legenze Reverse Gen 2 had Arrived. We had changed the bottling size to 350ml. This change of bottle size is to allow consumer a more convenience accessibility for your Home and Workplace. Each sales will be 350ml x 2 units. This 700ml can serve up to 30 days. Be sure to store the product alway from heat and sunlight.

The new GEN 2 Legenze Reverse strengthens on TWO key functions.

  • Potent Antioxidant fused into Probiotics and

  • Advanced peptide.

These key functions are crucial to boost the body's immune system. One acts as an elite forces to defend the Immune system and the other acts on the immune system's repair and recovery response.

Since december 2019, we had been uncertain on how COVID19 can be stopped, Even vaccines are 90% competent on medical paper. Small groups of vaccinated individuals are struggling with side effects from the vaccines globally. While medical professionals are still investigating, the new Covid19 strain already multiplying infections and is more contagious. Even taken lifes faster than the original strands.

So what is the the best chance of preventing?

By the basics, prevention is better cure. Build your immune system as strong as the wall, reinforce your body with strong and speedy capabilities of the folllowing:

Strong and Speedy in

  1. Defend,

  2. Fight,

  3. Repair

  4. Recovery

Why speed is important? By now, we all are knowledgeable on how fast the bad bacterias and virus can multiply in a minute within an average health human body. If our immune system can sense it quick and act to it. we are able to reduce or best scenario, stop it from multiplying.

Safe, Speed and Strength had always been MerryLife research team's goal in formulating for functional food and health supplements. In the trade of aging prevention solutions, it is important for consumable products take effect within a day. Thus, liquid form had always been the best and effective choice for us. Safe for the body, immediate digest by the gastro system and blood, speedy travel to the entire body's vital parts.

Does it mean Legenze range of products can eliminate the original or mutated strand of COVID19?

Unfortunately, NO. But you can be assured that our products can be you and your family's choice for effective, safe and speedy in building and shielding your immune system.

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