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Payments Methods

Online Visa/ Master Card Payment

MerryLife online payment gateway is powered by










PayNow is a new payment method that MerryLife is offering. If you are a registered PayNow user, you will be able to make payment to us conveniently by entering our Unique Entity Number (UEN)* or scanning our QR Code** in your respective banking apps.

How To Use:

  1. Login to your banking app

  2. Select PayNow : Key in our UEN 201623818G 

  3. Key In Exact amount: (Total Amount)

  4. Enter Reference number: (Your Invoice Number or Order Number)

PayNow QR WIX.png

For verification purposes, a screenshot of the successful transaction in a form of a text notification or receipt must be sent via

NOT Recommended

We do not recommend Bank Transfer and Cash Payment!!

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