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14th May 2021

COVID-19 Updates

In light of the recent Covid-19 development and thigthening measures, we have adjusted part of our business operations. These changes are in place to comply to the official requirements, as well as to ensure the safety and health of all our stakeholders. 

Services and Delivery

All local deliveries are still operating as usual, that includes same day delivery and its 3 delivery time slots everyday. 

Feel free to notify our staff if you would like to have contactless delivery for Same Day Delivery, and indicate your directions for the driver. The driver can leave it inside the riser or somewhere safe outside the house and text you upon delivery. As the driver is acting as per your directions, we will not be liable for any loss of parcel due to contactless delivery.

Workplace Precautionary Measures

MerryLife has also implemented some precautionary measures to keep our workplace and staff safe, while continuing operations to provide our customers consistent service quality and availability.

1. Work From Home.

Staff will work from home to achieve minimal contact within the workplace. Only one staff will have to be physically at work to continue the core operations, such as packing and order fulfilment.

2. Safe Distancing

Our staff will have their workstation at least 1 meter away from each other. There will also be a designated area at our office for drivers/riders to pick up the parcels. This is to enforce safe distancing between our staff and drivers/riders at all times.

3. Temperature Checks Everyday

Employees who are working in the office for the day will have to take and record their temperatures twice a day. 

4. Sanitizing

Sanitizers are provided in the office for the delivery personel to sanitize themselves regularly. Especially before and after handling products and parcels.

5. SafeEntry Check-in

Staff and delivery personnel who entered our office will be required to register their entry by scanning a SafeEntry QR code provided.

We thank you for your understanding and unwavering support. We are also really glad to provide our customers the strengthening source of  Immune system wellness during these tough times. Let's continue to stay home as much as we can, until COVID19 is fully controlled by us! 


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